Investing in a 21st Century Infrastructure

IN SAN FRANCISCO, OUR CUSTOMERS ARE OUR NEIGHBORS. The communities we serve as PG&E employees are where we live and work, too. We’re hard at work for your family — and ours.

At PG&E, we’re investing $4.5 billion every year to enhance pipeline safety and strengthen our gas and electric infrastructure across northern and central California. We’re helping people and businesses gain energy efficiencies to help reduce their bills. And we’re focused on developing the next generation of clean, renewable energy systems.

We want to tell you more about our activities right here in your area. Meet some of our local employees, get the facts and see our progress in San Francisco.

San Francisco Facts

  • Replaced approximately 28 miles of gas distribution pipeline in 2013
  • Invested more than $167.5 million into electrical improvements in 2013
  • Contributed more than $5 million to non-profit and community organizations in 2013
  • Connected more than 4,500 rooftop solar installations for residents and businesses
  • Provided nearly $8 million in energy efficiency incentives in 2013 to residents and businesses

The Latest News from San Francisco

By the end of 2014, PG&E will have replaced all 2,243 miles of its cast iron gas distribution pipe — which can be prone to leaks — with new, modern materials. This announcement makes PG&E one of the first utilities of comparable size and age to complete such an action. The company, which already ranks in the top 10 percent nationally in maintaining a small number of minor leaks in its backlog, also committed to achieving a near-zero backlog by the end of the year. These efforts are. MORE

PG&E is ranked as a top utility for delivering clean electricity to its customers and implementing effective energy efficiency programs, according to a report released today (July 24) by Ceres, a leading environmental sustainability advocacy organization. Clean-tech sector research and advisory firm Clean Edge co-produced the report. In a study that examines the deployment of clean energy by 32 investor-owned electric utility companies in 2012, PG&E ranked first in cumulative annual energy efficiency savings, a reflection of the company’s long history and commitment to helping customers use less. MORE

SAN FRANCISCO – PG&E is urging the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to provide the resources necessary to maintain safe and reliable gas and electric service while still keeping customer bills below the national average. Today (June 18), a proposed decision was issued in PG&E’s General Rate Case pending before the CPUC. This case, filed in 2012, covers the revenue PG&E needs to safely and reliably operate, maintain and modernize its gas distribution, electric distribution and electric generation systems and provide customer service for years 2014 to 2016.. MORE

By Debbie Felix SAN FRANCISCO — Over the past few years, PG&E customers have been hearing about how the company uses high-tech inspection tools to assess the condition of natural gas pipelines from the inside. Often called “smart pigs,” these tools travel inside pipelines to identify dents, cracks and corrosion before they become a problem. Now, PG&E is working with a new, cutting edge technology that will look for similar signs — like corrosion or dents — on the outside of gas pipelines. First developed for the dental industry, the 3D Toolbox is. MORE

By Ellen Hayes SAN FRANCISCO — Energy leaders from across the nation recently gathered in San Francisco to share a national perspective on the future of energy efficiency. The April 16 event, called “Building a More Energy Efficient Future: A National Perspective,” was hosted by PG&E, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, and San Diego Gas & Electric. And it brought together industry regulators and utilities from all over the United States as well as government entities to share best practices both at the national and local. MORE